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Interview: Tessa Claire, Tattoo Artist


We first noticed Tessa on her Instagram decking out people's bodies permanently with sweet cherubs, black butterflies and serpents and got very excited. After deciding to resist the urge to fly to Melbourne to get inked by her at Third Eye Tattoo, we asked if she would draw us an angel for some tees that just happen to fit perfectly with our teen nostalgia story, Youth World. Et voila!

Name / profession / residence?

Tessa / tattoo artist / Melbourne 

It wouldn't bee a teen nostalgia themed interview if...

Teen Nostalgia: 4 Playlists, 3 Generations of Women

What kind of story would Youth World be without a look back on the music that defined us? That we cried, danced, learned all the words, dressed to show we belonged to and worshipped the people who made it. 

We asked a few of our favourite girls and a couple around the office what tracks still have a place in their heart. We can only guess it'll be a fun, emotional, angst-filled rollercoaster just like our puberty mood swings. What more could you want out of a playlist, anyways?



A Chat With Actual Dolly Doctor Herself, Melissa Kang

Words by Arabella Peterson


If you grew up in Australia in the 90s or 2000s, you’ll need no introduction to Australia’s seminal teen magazine—Dolly. It was every girl’s go-to for (often dubious) fashion and beauty advice, celebrity interviews, horoscopes and the prestigious—albeit controversial—Dolly Model Search. 


Nestled among the tear-out posters of Avril Lavigne and quizzes on which Jonas Brother you belong with was a “sealed section”, where teens would write in their burning questions on health, sex and relationships to be answered by Dolly Doctor....

Youth World: The Full Shoot

Inspired by crushes, puberty blues, the birds and the bees, teen bedrooms from 90s movies, listening to music and learning all the words, experimenting with fashion and makeup, The Virgin Suicides, 3 hour phone calls, celeb heartthrob worship, confusion and first kisses.

Modelled by our faves and certified besties, @miki_davis & @claud_lowe

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Moodboard: Youth World

Teenage dreams and fantasies of fashion, art and love.

The Virgin SuicidesBlue eyeshadow teenI want you I need you oh baby oh babyStrange-Magic-Dresser-Display
Petra Collins Teenage GazeRenaissance cherubs