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Beach to Bar

For the love of dancing
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Beach To Bar

For the love of dancing.

Conversation-starting pieces → A mix of no self-control and careful curation, til death do us part.

Beach to bar

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Aype Works

For the lovers of denim - these one of a kind pieces from Aype Works NYC → are for you!

Chrissy Under $60

Chrissy doesnt have to break the bank. Hit us up for some crackers


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Let it shine. Hand crocheted by female artisans in Java using metallic yarns - these playful pouches draw on iconic shapes from past eras to take you from beach to bar. Bursting in colour, we love how they are big enough for all your essentials, and the dainty wrist strap will keep the two of you together all day/night long.

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Beach to Bar Coming Soon
Beach to Bar Moodbourd
Interview : Trish Fairbairn , Founder Dead Pretty