International Womens Day 2020

International Womens Day 2020

It's 2020, and time to make some shift happen.

Between the government’s downright dismal response to the bushfires; being ranked one of the worst countries globally for our climate change policy; becoming the world’s largest exporter of coal (and in turn, one of the largest profiteers from fossil fuels) and the approval of Adani’s Carmichael coal mine (which is projected to destroy Indigenous ancestral lands and add 4.6 billion tonnes of carbon pollution to our atmosphere)—it’s fair to say Australians are well-and-truly fed up, and ready for a change. 

The Dead Pretty Shift Happens 2020 tee was designed to represent the positivity we have in our ability to change as a people, despite the enormous challenges we face concerning the environment, equality, mental health and political fragmentation. It was inspired by Gough Whitlam’s ‘It’s Time’ campaign slogan and initiatives. The rally song cried, “time for freedom, time to give, time for improving, time to come together, time to look ahead, time for moving,” a sentiment that can be applied now, just as it was in the 70s.


When the bushfires swept through the country, Dead Pretty decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from these t-shirts to Wires Wildlife Rescue which is working to care for the animals injured and displaced in the bushfires. We want to see a shift away from political apathy, disenfranchisement, the ‘greenie’ stigma, fear of activism and confusion and a shift toward more sustainable lifestyle choices, equality, interconnection and resilience. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting some inspiring women who are reimagining the future of Australia.



Noni Cragg is a Sydney-based portrait artist. Inspired by culture, colour and people; her vibrant work perfectly captures the essence of her subjects, with native flora and fauna woven intricately throughout. She is of Irish, Scottish & First Nations heritage Bundjalung and Biripai, working also as a writer, actor, model and activist with the NFP charity she co-founded,  The Rough Period , which provides hygiene and sanitary items to women experiencing homelessness. She
says, “I want to support the people fighting these devastating fires, people who are rescuing wildlife and assisting those affected by the fires as much as I can. There will be short as well as long term effects, and we need to stay awake, helpful and compassionate to all that need us.” 



A member of the DP family, Katie Green is the brains behind the Shift Happens 2020 tee. Katie’s thoughtful, purpose-driven design translated into a strong and powerful message, "I came up with the design for it based on the ‘It’s Time’ campaign Gough Whitlam ran during the 70s, which was iconic for many reasons. I chose it because it made way for some of Australia’s most enduring and important changes to our fabric as a nation (ending conservative rule after 27 years, the establishment of a Department of Aboriginal Affairs and the launch of land rights, free tertiary education, the Sex Discrimination Act). We’re at a turning point as a nation, and although Labor isn’t providing us with the offer we need this time around for our climate crisis, we know it’s well and truly time for a change. The shift is in our hands as individuals and the incredible ways we’ve gone above and beyond for those in need shows just how powerful we are. And yes, everybody reads it as ‘shit happens’ at first, too. It’s supposed to turn heads!” 



Ayeesha Ash is the co-founder and Artistic Director of Black Birds , a Sydney-based company created as a response to the lack of representation & misrepresentation of Women of Colour in the Australian arts industry. Black Birds creates work that is intersectional, interdisciplinary and intercultural. She is also a performer and theatre-maker and arts and culture contributor at FBi Radio. Ayeesha says of the Shift Happens 2020 campaign, “It represents hope for the future, knowing that WE ALL have the opportunity to make positive change in the world we live in. Everyone’s voice is important (except maybe a few politicians who need to pipe down and stop lying before their noses get bigger than Pinocchio’s).  #shifthappens ! Do your research and don’t believe everything you see, read or hear from News Corp. This is our chance to shape our future , let’s not waste it! I hope that the love and generosity that has bloomed from these devastating fires continue to grow and spread throughout all communities in Australia long after the fires have stopped.” 


Emma Hakansson is an animal rights and environmental activist and founder of Willow Creative Co , a production agency for ethical businesses and companies who strive to improve—creating beautiful content for campaigns, editorials, e-commerce and more. In fact, it was Emma who spearheaded our shift into replacing the leather product on our website with the biodegradable
pineapple fibre leather alternative — Piñatex. You can see her latest work in the Dead Pretty Piña Mini Bag campaign . When we asked her what shift she will make this year, she answered, “I plan to work even harder to shift the fashion world away from animal materials that kill animals and destroy the planet.”


Arabella Peterson is Dead Pretty's very own social media manager and copy writer.
"I want to see a shift towards empathy and unity in Australia. It's inspiring to see people making more sustainable choices, but we need to keep putting pressure on the government and corporations to protect our environment and natural resources."