Teen Nostalgia: 4 Playlists, 3 Generations of Women

Teen Nostalgia: 4 Playlists, 3 Generations of Women

What kind of story would Youth World be without a look back on the music that defined us? That we cried, danced, learned all the words, dressed to show we belonged to and worshipped the people who made it. 

We asked a few of our favourite girls and a couple around the office what tracks still have a place in their heart. We can only guess it'll be a fun, emotional, angst-filled rollercoaster just like our puberty mood swings. What more could you want out of a playlist, anyways?



Who are you? Tessa Claire, Tattoo Artist 

When were you a teenager?
The early naughties

Tell us a little about these songs you picked?
All these songs bring back massive heartwarming, nostalgic feelings when they play. They represent my beginning in coming into my own and feeling confident about who I was turning into, whereas before in my stuffy private school I felt like a bit of an outcast (although tbh I probably relished in my angsts of feeling like an “outcast” hehe) 

This mainly post punk collection of songs opened my eyes to a whole other world and lit a fire in me that never went out, music can be so powerful for a young person sorting through their identity, without it I feel I would have never had the confidence to be who I am today.



Who are you? Trish, Dead Pretty creator

When were you a teenager? 
The late 80's

Tell us a little about these songs you picked?
My playlist takes me right back to my former, sunburnt teenager self, applying coconut oil to my limbs on those long hot summers in my backyard listening to my walkman on the NSW Central Coast (blissfully unaware of sun protection). Mesmerised by a young Michael Hutchence, the sultry tones of the Go Betweens  or singing at the top of my lungs, doing my best Chrissie Amphlett to Pleasure and Pain. It was raw, and totally unique to Aussies!

Waiting for Countdown come on TV was, without fail, the ~most~ important thing. I remember watching the show and then quickly sewing up the latest look to wear out on weekend. I worked in a record store at the time in the local mall, so album covers totally inspired me and still do to this day.
My bedroom was plastered with pin up posters from TV Week featuring all of my new wave idols, hip-hop outfits and British indie rockers. Music was so important to me and still is. Whenever I smell Reef Coconut Oil I am right back there!



Who are you? Claudia, Social Media Manager

When were you a teenager? 
The 00's

Tell us a little about these songs you picked?
This playlist reminds me of dancing around my house like no one was watching, Singstar with girlfriends, mattress surfing and no sleep sleepovers, car rides with my siblings, pink clip in hair strips and pretend fashion shows on the dining room table. 



Who are you? Katie, Dead Pretty online manager

When were you a teenager?
 The late 90's to early naughties

Tell us a little about these songs you picked? Instant memories this playlist conjures up includes waiting an hour for an mp3 to download on LimeWire and excitedly hitting play, sitting on my bedroom floor studying the words out of the CD booklet, hearing it live at festival for the first time, crying and applying all the lyrics to a song about heartbreak to my crush, watching the videos on Rage eating cereal on a Saturday morning. I should also put a disclaimer on my playlist because it's about 70% populated from The OC soundtrack.


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