Handmade to Order

We're beyond ecstatic to announce our beloved disco knits 🔗 → are now being handmade to order. This means:

We can make them in any size
Truly inclusive sizing has been a dream of mine until now. You'll notice we've extended our size range, however you're welcome to pick the sizes closest to you and we can make them smaller or larger if you let us know by email after you purchase.

We can make them in any colour
Instead of offering our Inferno Dress in just black and gold for example, you can now get it in any of the 5 colours we have.

*Literally* handmade here in Sydney
You're supporting the wage of a local artisan and the longest travelling your piece will do is from Sydney to your doorstep. 

Yours in 4 weeks
Much like booking a holiday, the joy of new clothes is multiplied when you get to look forward to it. If you're international, allow 6 weeks.

No waste, no guilt
By shopping this way, know that you're participating in the new, modern, waste-reduced fashion industry we're trying to build. Know that your item has been hand-created just for you, and only the high quality materials needed for you piece were used.