Meet @micahjey a.k.a. DJ Madami

Meet @micahjey a.k.a. DJ Madami

This month we met the lovely @MicahJey a.k.a. DJ MADAMI. The Sydney-based DJ told us what she's listening to and what it's like playing to a crowd again, finally.

Micah also took our lurex knits for a spin and Claudia from @astudios__ took some happy snaps while she was at it.


How did you stay Zen during such a tricky past 12 months being a performer?

I stayed zen by leaning deeper in my art and hobbies, I made a lot of music, I learnt to DJ during during lockdown and I did a lot of gardening and made a lot of art. I tried to see it as a period to upskill as a multidisciplinary artist, to learn completely new things and also to rest and recover. 

Describe your first gig post covid:

My first dance floor gig back post covid was last Saturday and it was great energy! Seeing people letting go again on the dance floor, dancing with their hands up and being able to experience that feeling again was such a thrill. Dance floors are one of my favourite ways to release and have fun and to be able to be the creator behind it was such a special experience that I don’t think I’ll ever get over. 


We know you like to boogie - can you give a playlist top 10 all time great tracks to get moving to!

  1. I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan
  2. Nomalizo – Letta Mbulu 
  3. Only You – Steve Monite 
  4. Groove Is in the Heart – Deee-Lite 
  5. I Feel Love – Donna Summer 
  6. Lady – Hear Me Tonight – Modjo
  7. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac
  8. Heart of Glass – Blondie 
  9. Gypsy Woman – Crystal Waters 
  10. Time (You and I) - Khruangbin

We LOVE your flamboyant style that nods it head to past eras. Your love of animal prints, pearls... Tell us how you create your look and where you find your gems!

Oh wow thank you! What a lovely thing to say :’) I am really inspired by bright colours, patterns and mixing different elements of fashion from different eras. I usually have the mentality of more is more haha, in terms of colours and mixing things up and I try to be bold and or unique with the pieces that I choose, especially when I’m performing as it just feels more theatrical and fun! I find a lot of my clothes second hand and then try to buy from smaller Australian brands when I can. 

How important is nature to you and your creativity?

IT IS EVERYTHING to me, I am really passionate about my relationship with nature, it gives me a lot of my inspiration and I feel like connecting to nature fills up my cup like nothing else. When I write music, I use a lot of recordings that I’ve collected in nature to add texture and or use them as percussion and a lot of my songs for my singer-songwriter project ‘Micah Jey’ I sing about nature and the importance of us as humans to rewild ourselves. 

Your musical influences and sets cover a lot of ground from Fleetwood Mac to Leatherette - how do you put together your set list? 

Yesss I try to be versatile for each dance floor that I turn up for while still maintaining a sound that reflects who I am. I usually see songs or sounds as a colour or a feel, so I collect songs that fit that and that’s how I build my sets. Also, a lot of digging for music, watching other DJs online and or at gigs, listening to mixes and just using my intuition on what I think sounds good and will make people groove. 

What is in the year ahead for you now that we can dance again!!!

Making and releasing music this year!!! Then playing them to dance floors and or shows and festivals now that they’re coming back. I can’t wait to perform more and more and share what I’ve been creating and curating.  

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