Teen Diary: Olivia Suleimon @yemisul

Teen Diary: Olivia Suleimon @yemisul

Words by Arabella Peterson

It’s 2008 and I’m 14-years-old, the moody refrain of Apologize by OneRepublic resonates through the Britney Spears’ Fantasy scented air. My closet is full of gladiator sandals, lensless “nerd” glasses, bubble skirts, fringed boots and Paul Frank tees. After sitting through the mandatory “You Wouldn’t Steal A Car” warning, the DVD of Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging begins. Twilight is in cinemas, Britney is making a comeback, Beyonce and Jay-Z are newlyweds. It’s a simpler time. 

Nothing brings millennial women together like collective memories of Supre slogan tees and Blue Light Discos; so I profiled a few creatives who are around my age to reminisce on their most tragic fashion moments and nostalgic throwbacks. Take a peek inside their teen diaries...

Meet Olivia:

I’ve been following the skyward trajectory of Yemisul since 2015 when she launched a digital magazine called izmzmag. From there, she started throwing parties and DJing in our little town of Sydney before jetsetting to The Big Smoke—London. Now she co-hosts ‘Neon Pink’ a podcast about romance, anguish and everything in between. It doesn’t get more relatable than that.

What do you do?

I’m a DJ, I have a podcast called, ‘Neon Pink’ centred around love and heartbreak and I also work in retail to keep myself afloat!

What did you want to be when you were a teenager?

A hairdresser, a makeup artist or a model

Describe the best/worst outfit you ever wore as a teen.

Probably my year 10 formal dress. I loved anything that glitters and still do, but I didn’t know how to dress myself properly, so I chose this white Maurie and Eve dress that resembled a bed sheet. It wasn’t at all flattering and had what looked like a smashed disco ball around the collar.

Which celebrity did you have on your bedroom wall?

I didn’t have any on my wall at the time but I currently have Biggie and Tupac on my wall, as well as TLC.

What’s your favourite teen coming-of-age or romcom film?

10 things I hate about you. I had a moment where I was deeply in love with Heath Ledger.


What’s the most underrated banger of the 2000s?

Never Ever - All Saints


Rapid fire:

Kelly Rowland or Michelle Williams?

Michelle Williams- she’s the underdog of Destiny’s Child and I hate the jokes people make about her.

Lip Smackers or Impulse body spray?

Lip Smackers- does anyone know where I can buy them now?

Nokia Snake or Minesweeper?

Nokia Snake

Razor Scooters or Wheelies?

Razor Scooters 

So Fresh CDs or Limewire?

Limewire- I owe my DJ career to it!


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About Arabella Peterson:

Arabella is a freelance writer and content creator from Sydney. She cofounded The Ladies Network, a multifaceted platform for women in the creative industries where she was the editor-in-chief. Since then she has worked as a freelance writer, creative consultant and marketing specialist with the odd modelling gig on the side (on this very website, in fact). She is particularly interested in the intersection of fashion, feminism and environmentalism; specifically supporting local brands and sustainable practices and she loves exploring culture, art and fascinating people. She also cohosts a podcast about Adam Sandler, is obsessed with horror films and loves a good game of Dungeons and Dragons. Follow Arabella on Instagram: @arabella_peterson