Girl Friday: Meet Sascha

Girl Friday: Meet Sascha

Apart from being a downright stunner, Sascha is yet another boss of a woman who we're so glad we met in our neck of the woods.

What's your day job?

I am a ballet teacher and science student

What's your night job?

Usually also teaching or studying for university

How do you stay light on your feet?

I think it’s important to try lots of new things and have a varied life. That’s what keeps me motivated and ready to take on the next thing!

What's your go-to wardrobe piece at mo?

Definitely repurposing scarves as tops, head ties or even to tie around your bag!

Pet love of our neighbourhood, Bondi?

It’s quirky and so full of life - always can rely on a good time in Bondi :)

Pet hate of Bondi?

It’s too busy and impossible to park!

What makes you smile?

Being in nature, moving my body and dogs ❤️

If you were a juice, what's your flavour?

Would have to be ginger, lemon, apple and mint.

If you were an app, what would you be?



Follow Sascha on Instagram here: @saschaolive 

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