How to get dressed for your 9-5

How to get dressed for your 9-5

Sorting out your fit in the morning doesn't have to be a pain in the ass.

If you're like us, once you get a foolproof formula happening for getting dressed of a weekday, you stick to it. Allow us to take the presh off you a little bit by sharing one of our own, because mornings are hard enough as it is.

Nothing says versatile like a slip dress, plus we just can't quit the 90's right now. Make those spaghetti straps work-safe by adding your favourite tee underneath and jazz it up with just about any damn shoes you want (block heel mule? Doc Martens? Go for it). You could practically get dressed with your eyes half closed an we can almost guarantee you'll still look bloody great - just follow our instructions below.

Sascha wears Third Form slip dress, Brie Leon bag, POMS x Brendan Huxley jewellery, Pared x Holly Ryan sunnies and her own tee.

Digital nomad? 9-5'er in an office? Get your work done at home in your hoffice or at your favourite cafe nook coffice?

Let's face it, there's a million different shades of what it means to get dressed for work these days. There aren't many outfits that can look appropriate across all bases like the slip and tee combo, but that's where your accessories really do their work.



Sascha wears Third Form slip dress, Brie Leon bag, POMS jewelleryPOMS x Sabina Socol sunnies and her own tee.


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