3 words to describe yourself? Exhausted, motivated, inspired
Age? 25
Hometown? Sydney
Scent? Diptiqye Bais candle 
Item you can't live without? Sunglasses and wet wipes 
Who's your style icon? The Olsens 
Go-to wardrobe pieces? Tailored pants and ribbed singlets 

What do you find yourself saying or doing that your mother used to?
Being a bit of a hypochondriac haha. My mums biggest fear was that she wouldn’t be there and it’s something I think about a lot too.

Since becoming a Mum, do you see your parents in the same light?
No, I have so much more respect and understanding for decisions they made. I also understand better the complexities of being a parent and feel thankful that they were able to navigate all that and give me and my brother such a fun childhood.

What's your special time with Hudson and what do you do?
We love going to art galleries together. Hudson will talk to me about what he thinks the paintings are about and tell me little stories. We can spend hours walking around.

Since 2015, how has The Ladies Network evolved that you didn't expect?
It’s a completely different project to the one I had imagined. It still has that very local DIY feel but with an audience size that I never expected. It’s become more of an agency servicing clients to place female identifying artists in the spotlight.

Could you tell us a little about Studio Tetatet?
ST is an ongoing design conversation that results in a line of evolving objects. Our first range is glassware that we have been working on for about a year now. We’re very excited to be finally showcasing our work!


Diptyque Paris
Baies Candle

Helen Proctor

Petite Grand
Double Hoop Earrings

Paris Georgia
Phoebe Slip Dress

Studio Tetatet
Pink Glass

The Gentlewoman

Anne Barlinckhoff
True Love

Karen Walker
Castaway Sunglasses

Permanent Vacation
Metallic 3/4 Sleeve Top